Plastic water bottles and event responsibility…

You’ve seen it at your events and you have spent time and money to deal with the growing issue of plastic water bottles at events.  You might say, this seems like an old topic and we have made great strides at my events over the past several years.  Congratulations, you are in the minority.  There are still so many events happening where attendees are not being given more eco-friendly alternatives to disposable bottles, eating utensils and paper products as well.  I think it is our environmental responsibility as humans, not just event organizers, to create high impact solutions to lower our impact on the environment.

Here are some ideas to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles: Continue reading “Plastic water bottles and event responsibility…”

Using Social Media to Get More Business/Buzz

Twitter 6x6
Twitter 6x6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

I attended an EPWN seminar on how to use social media to create a buzz for your business.  Today we are not just connected through social media, but we are actually doing business through these channels.  The big players are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Some of the younger generations are searching through Facebook Pages instead of Google searches for websites. Continue reading “Using Social Media to Get More Business/Buzz”