Event Trade Shows, or Salons, en France

When it comes to event trade shows, what’s not to like?  Everyone wants to talk to you, make you feel special and most importantly, they give you fun free stuff!  This is my 2nd experience at the Seminaires Business/Events Salon(trade show) in Lyon, France.  It’s not super big, perhaps 200 exhibitors, but it’s worth a leisurely ride up on the TGV and I have the added bonus of having lunch with a good friend of ours who is coincidentally an exhibitor.  Quel chance!  So why do I come here? Continue reading “Event Trade Shows, or Salons, en France”

Who is The French Event Connection and why should I read her blog?

Almost 4 years ago my then fiancé and I decided we wanted to start our new marriage in the south of France.  How fun it would be to experience a new culture, language, european travel destinations and new jobs?  We would learn how to eat, drink and be merry like the French.  I use the word ‘we’, but as my husband has a french father and had spent 7 years of his youth in France, it would be less learning for him, but still a great new experience.  So we sold most everything we owned, packed up the rest and off we went. Continue reading “Who is The French Event Connection and why should I read her blog?”