Provence Connections

Connect to my Network here in Provence

When you visit Provence, you are no doubt looking for things to see, do and most importantly eat.  The following people have become trusted vendors and friends.  I am happy to share them with you, so that your journey to Provence will be full of happy and memorable experiences.

Personal Chef: Chef Ronald Guillaume

If you are lucky enough to rent a house for your stay here in Provence, you must consider having a personal chef come to cook you dinner.  A meal cooked by chef Ronald is as wonderful as any restaurant you would eat at for around the same price.  The benefits are that you are welcome to watch him cook it, so you might learn a trick or two, and you can bring your own wine. If you are like me and you love a nice bottle of wine, then you appreciate that you can drink that bottle at cost instead of with the 200% mark up.  Ronald will book every single night during the high season in the summer, so make a reservation in advance!  Check out his menus on his website: Chef Ronald

Luxury Vacation Properties: Only Provence

Our collection represents a very carefully selected gathering of farmhouses, villas, and estates hand-picked for their distinct blend of elegance and authenticity. Only the most promising properties can join our group, and only those that consistently provide outstanding quality of accommodation and service can remain in the collections.  To search properties from John and Lydia Dean visit their website: Only Provence

Photographer in Provence

Meet Ashley, a resident English speaking photographer in Provence. A lover of natural lighting, she makes use of our famous light here in Provence. She specializes in capturing candid as well as flattering portraits.  She makes her clients feel at ease in front of the camera while having a bit of fun as well!  She is available for weddings, vacation portraits, food and product photos and she also captures Provence in photos on her blog Curious Provence