Using Social Media to Get More Business/Buzz

Twitter 6x6
Twitter 6x6 (Photo credit: Steve Woolf)

I attended an EPWN seminar on how to use social media to create a buzz for your business.  Today we are not just connected through social media, but we are actually doing business through these channels.  The big players are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Some of the younger generations are searching through Facebook Pages instead of Google searches for websites. Continue reading “Using Social Media to Get More Business/Buzz”

The challenge of creating a functional website…

The tale I am about to tell is for anyone starting a new small business.  Read closely so that you can swerve past these speed bumps with ease during your start-up.  I built a little website for my resume over 4 years ago, even though I didn’t really need it and I wasn’t full-time freelance.  I used iWeb and my .me account to publish.  Over the past few years, I have tinkered with it to try to make it more professional, the closer I got to being full-time freelance. I created the company name and bought my domain this summer, then paid a friend to create a little logo and some icons to match.  I did a major revamp on my iWeb site, and then I hit the first speed bump.  iWeb sites have no search engine visibility because you cannot alter the HTML or install plugins or create meta tags.   Continue reading “The challenge of creating a functional website…”