Office View in Sunny Provence

Being an independent event producer has a lot of perks, in my opinion,  one being that we can work mostly from home.  I am very lucky to live in the south of france with my husband and that he gives me the opportunity to do what I love, events.  I don’t say thank you to him enough, as his work affords me the luxury of building my event business.

So my office, currently the kitchen table at the vacation rental house on the property, has a view of our 600 olive trees and the rest of the land where they reside.

From the Terrasse

Almost 4 weeks ago, we had a winter storm of sorts with negative temperatures (C) and hurricane style winds.  We lost power and water for 4 days and the temperature of our house dropped below freezing.  After a week of wearing my ski clothes everyday, going to bed in my sleeping bag underneath the down comforter and allowing both dogs on the bed, I had had enough.  The vacation property next door has gas powered heaters and much lower ceilings, so we moved and have been here for 2 weeks now.  This week the sun has been shining as it should(because that’s why we all live in ‘sunny provence’) and the temps have finally been reaching 13C & 14C.  People are out and about a bit more and you can tell Spring will be here soon.

When I am not working from the kitchen table at the mas, or the desk in my own house, I head out to a cafe to talk business with friends.  Yesterday I met with Hilary who runs a company called Wine in Provence.  She had a special surprise prepared for me…A VENDOR LIST!  It’s not long, it’s mostly people in Aix, but I will add them into the mix…block by block.  She also gave me some great insight into my business from what she has learned the past 4 years with her own.  The critical piece of information was that lots of people contact her about doing their wedding in provence.  Why do they contact her when she runs a wine tasting business?  Because it’s the only site they can find in english for our area.

I am at a crossroads and all paths lead to destination weddings.  It’s time too reengineer the website a bit and cast the net a bit wider.  If I can produce events for 10’s of thousands of people, then I can certainly do a few weddings a year…mostly in my own backyard.  Did I forget to mention that?  Many of my brides will get married right here at the house and my home office will become the event site.  Now that is a good trick.

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